New generation of Latin Americans set to experience personalized travel

Gustavo Murad

Head of Airline IT Sales, Amadeus Latin America

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Ancillary services are changing the way people buy airline tickets and the personalization of these services is just a sample of what we can expect in the coming years. Consumers are increasingly taking a starring role, benefiting from more customized shopping, adapted to their tastes and requirements.



'Fresh' customers

But, can you imagine the impact of these types of services on ‘fresh’ customers who have never experienced the pleasure of flying? For the purposes of selling ancillary services, these ‘fresh’ customers are wonderful. They are people being introduced to the market with customized offerings as a reality, which makes them more likely to choose the types of services they are interested in when compared to ‘traditional’ frequent flyers.

And where are so many people flying for the first time in their lives? Latin America.

The economic boom experienced by the region in the last decade created this phenomenon. In Brazil, the largest Latin-American market, a survey showed that between 2011 and 2012 almost 9 million people traveled by plane for the first time. This corresponds to the entire population of Sweden, or Ireland and Norway together. And we are just talking about a single market. It is a remarkable time for airlines operating in the Latin America region.

Since the implementation of ancillary services, travel agencies using the Amadeus Selling Platform and airlines in the region are profiting by selling added comfort seats separately from the ‘regular’ air fare. They are also customizing baggage definitions accordingly, so travelers can choose exactly what they need.

In November, Amadeus Selling Platform Connectcustomers began benefiting from a release in which a new Seat Map was included, allowing travel agents to have full price visibility for all seats in a flight. The new Seats and Services Catalogue is also producing a revolution in how they book meals, pets, lounge access, travel services and so on.

So, it’s no surprise that more and more airlines are implementing ancillary services through Amadeus for Latin American customers.

With such a young and maturing market, airlines are molding customers to make purchases while taking into consideration how personalized offeringscan make their travel experience more pleasant and enjoyable. This is shaping the future of travel in its truest form.


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