The need for speed in the aviation industry

Margarita de Lucas

Head of Marketing, Airport IT, Amadeus IT Group

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Words and phrases like 'fast', 'speed', 'from talk to action', 'leave conventionalism', 'abandon the inertia' were common themes at the IATA WPS in Dubai. Throughout the event, from keynote speakers to chatter on the floor, attendees said that inertia and complexity surrounding aviation operations and processes should not hinder progress.

The missing ingredient is true collaboration throughout the aviation value chain. To the customer, the travel experience starts and ends with the airline but there are many other stakeholders involved in the process and airlines cannot do it alone. One speaker said that "Part of the answer is technical. All stakeholders need a common platform from which to operate and innovate".

We also embrace those mantras. At IATA WPS, Patricia Maya, Head of Product Management Baggage, presented Amadeus BRS, a modern technological hub that offers a common space for baggage operations for different aviation stakeholders. Check-in agents, gate agents, baggage agents and ramp agents can now work on the same platform and have single shared real-time view of the passenger, baggage, and flight readiness. In particular, Amadeus BRS will address a key area identified by Amadeus where our platform could help communication costs for airlines associated with type-B messages, based on a principle of "sharing data instead of exchanging data".

Have a look at Icelandair's case study, which illustrates how this solution improved their operations and helped them save on costs.