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Patrick Messina

Senior Manager, Strategy, Automation & Reporting, Amadeus IT Group

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Posted by Patrick Messina (Senior Manager, Strategy, Automation & Reporting, Amadeus IT Group)


It’s 5:46AM and you’re at work early making sure everything is in order for a long day ahead. Suddenly the phone rings and it’s a distraught customer requesting a change to their travel plans because their beloved Labrador Retriever requires an urgent trip to the veterinarian.

For some inexplicable reason – you've totally forgotten the entry on how to change the date for the same flight.

What do you do? Panic? Weep? Quit your job entirely?

If you ever find yourself in this hypothetical situation – don’t fret – simply visit the Amadeus e-Support Centre.

We recognise that struggling to find the answers you need in order to get work done is the last thing you want to deal with when you need immediate results.

Whether you’re looking for the latest user and product guides, quick cards, course guides, videos, or troubleshooting solutions – the Amadeus e-Support Centre is packed full of useful information.

As it's web based, you can access it 24/7 and it's easy to use with a single search function that will guide you through a wide range of learning and support materials, simply by entering a keyword.

Accessible in over 60 markets worldwide with more than 60,000 registered users and over 30,000 solutions – it is also available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese and Italian with Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean planned for the end of 2012.

Check out the Amadeus e-Support Centre, find the answers you’re looking for, and enjoy a stress free experience.


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