NDC gets the ‘Mega’ treatment in Bangkok

Gianni Pisanello

VP, NDC-X program, Amadeus

I always love to visit Asia. Not only for the vibrant culture and fantastic food – but also for all of the energy surrounding the travel industry. Both of these aspects were in full effect during the 2018 Mega Event Asia-Pacific in Bangkok, Thailand, where we shared progress on IATA NDC with more than 120 travel industry professionals from around the world.

Our message was clear: when it comes to NDC, it’s time for travel players to stop the talk, and walk the walk. Earlier this year we launched the NDC-X program  to work on the industrialization of NDC, as we saw the standard was ready and there was willingness in the industry. Now, we have several partners that have joined this innovative undertaking, seven of which have officially communicated this. Carriers, including Qantas  and American Airlines  as well as large travel management players like BCD TravelAmerican Express Global Business Travel , and Carlson Wagonlit Travel are already onboard, together with Travix  and Flight Centre  too. Needless to say, we’re seeing a lot of enthusiasm for this program from across the industry.

So, just how are we walking the walk? In addition to having dual IATA Level 3 NDC certification  as an IT provider and an aggregator, we’re testing a variety of use cases and we’ll have NDC bookings in our travel platform later this year. In short, we’ve gained a lot of experience on NDC and how it should be done. And now that we’re moving on from an ‘experimentation phase’ to a ‘mass adoption by the industry phase’, we have many more insights to share with our partners through the NDC-X program.

How the standard is being deployed by the industry is not yet fully mature, so we all need to learn how to seize the opportunity NDC offers together. This is exactly what we’re doing with NDC-X. Have a look at our dedicated NDC page  to learn more about our vision and how we believe it will evolve travel distribution and merchandizing as we know it.