NDC for corporations: are we there yet?

Arlene Coyle

SVP Commercial Corporations, Travel Channels, Amadeus

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As it often happens with change, you get mixed reactions, be it from the early adopters, or those who prefer to ‘wait and see’. One thing is for sure: when you talk about NDC and corporations, you can find yourself in all types of discussions.

I believe this comes to show just how complex this little acronym is. Nonetheless, with the corporate segment identified as one of Amadeus Travel Channels’ strategic priorities, I can’t help but get excited when our clients ask about the potential this technology holds for them and their travelers.

NDC offers opportunities for all and particularly for corporations as we now start to see some of the benefits more clearly. This technology can help us power smarter business travel, enabling the creation of truly unique and personalized trips for travelers worldwide.

In fact, it has the potential to close the gap between the business and leisure experience which the business travel industry has suffered for a long time. NDC is possibly one step closer to bringing the human component back into business travel helping the business traveler feel that they are more than ‘just a seat’! By offering a customized package, including priority seating & boarding, Wi-Fi, or access to the lounge, all in line with corporate policies, and available in a secure and transparent booking environment, NDC could bring the smile back to corporations and business travelers alike.

One thing corporations may also particularly enjoy is the ability to implement more granular policies, defining what can and cannot be purchased, down to the individual traveler or unit within a corporation. This will provide companies with a clearer view on spend and better control over costs.

So, are we there yet? Actually, we are well on our way. 

We’ve been evolving our platforms to consume NDC content in the same way as any other source of content. We’re on the brink of launching our NDC-enabled Web Services and Selling Platform Connect solutions for travel agencies, and we’re also working on integrating this technology in our flagship online booking tool, Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense. This will ensure our corporate customers can access NDC content in their trusted booking environment and enable the all-important downstream processes to flow naturally into their servicing partner of choice.

Our goal is to bring to all our travelers what they need, when they need it. Thanks to all our solutions and to the Amadeus Travel Platform,we are confident that our customers will be able to shop and compare from all sources – NDC or not – regardless of where they book. 

But remember, after all, NDC is a technology standard. For it to truly work, it has to be backed by the right technology partner and coupled with the right conversations for it to truly cater to travelers’ needs. It is a call for collaboration and understanding and we are here to have those discussions with you.

Watch thisvideo by my colleague Gianni Pisanello, VP of Amadeus NDC [X] to find out more about what this technology standard can do for corporations. 


If you want more information check out our dedicated NDC webpage and our corporations homepage.


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