Coming soon: NDC content in Amadeus Selling Platform Connect

Eric Gignoux

Associate Director, Front Offices & Interfaces Product Management, Amadeus

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NDC has the potential to deliver new benefits for all travel players, including travel sellers, airlines and travelers thanks to richer offers and information.

To realize those benefits, we’ll be making Amadeus Selling Platform Connect NDC-ready. As a travel seller, you’ll be able to shop, order and pay for flights and related services and to service bookings using the NDC standard.

Amadeus travel sellers will have the ability to compare all content whether it is sourced from NDC, Edifact or API connections. Having this range of air content, complemented with other content is critical for serving today’s travelers. 

In Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, you’ll have access to this content in one display screen and via the new, redesigned All Fares graphical interface. Servicing capabilities that travel sellers need, such as the ability to refund or change tickets, or to add ancillaries after booking will be incrementally included in the solution. And finally, you will be able to see airline rich media content, such as pictures that will help you make the right choice for your customer.

At Amadeus, we’re committed to delivering you the very best content with the newest standards, bookable in the easiest way possible.

Check out this demoto see how you will be able to book NDC content alongside other air content in Amadeus Selling Platform Connect and visit our NDC website for more information. 




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