Navigating the Airport of Tomorrow: how technology can transform the airport experience

Julia Sattel

Senior Vice President, Airlines, Amadeus IT Group

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Not put up with it. Not made the best of it. But genuinely enjoyed it.

Who can honestly say, when you think back to your most recent flight, that you actually enjoyed the airport experience?

At a guess I'd say it's not that many of you…perhaps even none?

Ultimately, the truth is that the airport is the final frontier of air travel. It's the last part of the travel process still to be truly modernised and brought in line with how we search for flights, how we book flights and, moreover, the flight experience itself.

Amadeus recently commissioned the 'Navigating the Airport of Tomorrow'report in conjunction with Norm Roseat Travel Tech Consultingto help better understand what can be improved with regards to airports.

The report found that 34% of global passengers experienced problems related to baggage on their most recent flight. At the same time a further 18% had experienced a delayed or cancelled flight during their last journey.

These figures are not pretty and show very clearly the scale of the task facing airports today.

So if the airport experience still leaves a lot to be desired, how are things meant to be improved? The answer, as ever, lies in technology.

For instance, the application of technology such as RFID (radio frequency identification) baggage tags is just one way airports can very simply overcome many of the obstacles and frustrations which exist today.

To find out what else will become mainstream in airports across the globe over the next ten years, download the full report at www.amadeus.com/airportoftomorrow.

Also, why not take a look at the video below which accompanies the report?


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