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Valéry Bernard


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How many times have you taken a trip that you felt you could have gotten more out of? Even if you spent your days in Sri Lanka lounging on a beach, sometimes that unforgettable experience seems to be lacking. You could have spent time with locals learning the art of stilt fishing, or tasting the finest Ceylon teas on a family-owned plantation.

Planning is the key to getting the most out of a break, but preparing for these types of unique experiences can be tedious, requiring endless research and clicking from page to page. Not all of us enjoy this nor have the time or the motivation to do it thoroughly. With travel destinations increasingly growing their offer, it can become an overwhelming task. This is where MyLittleAdventurecomes in.

MyLittleAdventure is a smart inspiration engine of things to do at a destination. It allows you to choose any city in the world, select and rank what matters most to you, and get the best activity recommendations according to your preferences. With 56k restaurants, 245k tours and activities providers, 30k experiences with locals and 45k live events listed, MyLittleAdventure is committed to changing the way you plan your getaways through a tailor-made experience.

In order to fully achieve this, collaboration is essential. That’s why we are teaming up with an industry leader equally dedicated to travel innovation. We are excited to join the Amadeus Explore Program, a global initiative through which we will work with Amadeus to look for connection and piloting opportunities with travel players, so that we can inspire as many travelers with relevant destination content at the point of booking. This will help make your daydreams of the perfect little adventure a reality in a completely effortless and intuitive way.

MyLittleAdventure’s inspiration engine helps our clients to upsell tours and activities to their customers, and allows travelers to personalize their experiences while avoiding endlessly clicking from page to page while they plan their escape. We are excited at the prospect of working with Amadeus to spark new ideas and disruptive projects that will refine the travel booking process for destination content providers as well as consumers, so they can have a simple, personalized experience.

Visit MyLittleAdventure.com to see how our recommendations facilitates quick and effortless planning for travelers and brings companies within easy reach of the right client base.

Amadeus’ latest innovation paper, The Importance of Understanding Travelers' Motivation, discusses how travel companies can better connect with the changing needs of travelers, including providing the right mix of destination content, and more.