Multicultural from the start

Malek Nejjai

Chief Diversity Officer, Amadeus IT Group

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From our first Amadeus Commercial Office in Finland, to our presence today covering over 190 countries, our multicultural approach is an intrinsic part of our identity.

This is the case today and has been that way ever since the Amadeus founders from Air France, Iberia, Lufthansa and SAS came together in 1987, travelling from France, Spain, Germany and Scandinavia to work in Miami on an exciting new project that would become Amadeus.

Some explanatory numbers

Today we are just over 15,000 colleagues worldwide, made up of 132 nationalities speaking 62 languages. We’re present in just about every country globally, and the interesting fact is that throughout our offices and main sites there is a mix of those 132 nationalities –for instance, at our HQ in Madrid where I am based, the top 10 nationalities present (there are many more!) are Spanish, French, Italian, British, German, Irish, American, Dutch, Romanian and Swedish. This makes our company culture quite unique.

"Each and every nationality represented in Amadeus contributes to our success. It is important that we continue to attract, retain and develop talent in order to continue to thrive as a business and succeed as a leader."

- Sabine Hansen Peck (Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Communication & Branding, Amadeus IT Group)

Multiculturalism and cultural awareness are the backbones of our organisation, creating an environment of respect, tolerance, and openness. I truly believe this is a key differentiator for Amadeus in how we work together as teams and how we work with our partners and customers.

This is who we are, past, present and future; and just one of the many reasons why we understand travel in the way that we do.

Multicultural from the start