Moving forward towards personalisation with Business Intelligence in Spain

Julio Mangas

Head of Business Intelligence, Amadeus Spain

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I remember that somebody, somewhere, told me something about Business Intelligence I want to share with you: Business Intelligence is like innovation: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, and everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it…”


Nearly one year ago, at Amadeus Spain, we started offering a brand-new Business Intelligence (BI) solution to Spanish travel agencies, Amadeus Agency Insight. The tool provides the easiest way to analyse booking activity by office (point of sale), region and at a specific moment. When presented with the solution, our customers said “Wow, great tool for analysing and making business decisions!”

But we haven´t stopped there. Over the past few months, we have been busy integrating a search module, measuring online searches. This module allows travel agencies to identify online search trends, featuring the most frequent city pairs searched by potential travellers in every market and at certain date or vacation period. Additionally, we have included fare data in detail, in order to enrich the booking analysis with base fares, taxes, cabin class, etc.

Currently, we are also putting our efforts in a new version which is specially designed for small and medium travel agencies. At the same time, we are gathering feedback to fine tune our offer for travel agencies in order to help them to get the “real pulse” of BI and reporting.

But, why a Business Intelligence tool for travel agencies? Basically for these five reasons:

  • Better visibility of agency activity and production
  • Better understanding of the market environment
  • To analyse competition
  • To provide agencies with valuable information prior to negotiations with their providers
  • To improve decision making abilities

We keep moving forward in the business intelligence arena, because every agency is different, and only by analysing their own data will they find their real competitive value and be able to anticipate travel trends.

Business Intelligence allows travel agencies to design the right product for the right traveller for a specific period of time; this is the backbone for bringing personalisation from travel agencies to their customers.


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