Understanding motivations of future Traveller Tribes critical for travel players

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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We’ve covered in detail the Traveller Tribes that will grow in prominence by 2030 based on a behavioural, rather than classic demographic understanding. With this research in mind, travel players can expect a huge change in how travellers select destinations, consume travel services, and make purchasing decisions.

future traveller

Macro consumer trends and technological change will drive travellers to adjust spending patterns, with significant impacts for the travel industry. Those travel players which are able to appreciate these changing motivations will be best placed to develop new innovative services. The six tribes we’ve outlined will be the basis for further analysis taking a closer look at how the travel industry can cater to their needs.

In our the second phaseof our Travellers Tribes research, we provided a framework for advanced segmentation strategies as airlines and travel providers in the global travel eco-system consider how to strategically build their organisations to serve the traveller of the future in the best way possible.

Changing Motivations

What is clear from these reports is that traveller motivations are changing, and being able to deliver a more rewarding journey experience will require an intricate understanding of how that change is taking shape.

Is your organisation interested in capturing the imagination of Reward Hunterswith a highly personalised luxury offer, delivered via a digital concierge during the booking phase? Or are you interested in building a business based on Simplicity Searchers’ desire for mass market, bundled and personalised offers, delivered via a travel agent? Either way, understanding the ‘What, When, Where, Who and How’ is critical to improving both revenues and the travel experience.

As the travel industry continues its journey to becoming a truly customer-experience driven sector the ability of brands to link their product, merchandising, marketing and digital strategies to a behavioural understanding of travellers will be a key differentiator. Travel players that are able to appreciate the behavioural motivations of travellers and effectively merchandise against those motivations, at each discreet stage of the traveller journey, will be in a much stronger position.

This approach to segmentation and strategic planning requires an evolution in terms of how the industry views travellers and their needs. We encourage you to consider how this framework can help your organisation to think differently about traveller purchasing motivations and how to build a more rewarding customer journey, both now and into the future.

Have a look back on our coverage of the six Traveller Tribesand download the full reports here.