Modern travellers’ newly evolved appendage – mobile devices

Louis Lee

General Manager, Hong Kong, Amadeus IT Group

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My daily ritual just before I depart from home probably isn’t too different from your own. Lights off, keys, wallet, and mobile – once these things are secured – I’m ready to begin my day.

If I’m distracted and head out the door without my mobile – I instantly feel detached, somewhat naked!

I can’t access GPS if I take a wrong turn, I don’t know what emails are waiting for me when I arrive in the office, and perhaps most importantly, I feel a creeping worry about being unable to contact my family with ease.

Life without mobile

There’s no question about it – mobile devices are indispensable appendages, especially for modern travellers.

Nothing is more important in connecting services with people. For the travel industry, mobile devices offer unlimited potential to shape a more connected future of travel.

So, what do you think a more connected travel future looks like?

Take a look at this video with insights on connected travel from our customers and Amadeus team in Asia Pacific.

What Does a Connected Travel Future Look Like?


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