Is mobile the master for booking and researching travel? Surprise, surprise…not so much in Northeast Asia

Karun Budhraja

Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Communications, Amadeus Asia Pacific

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Travelers from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan all have unique travel preferences, especially when compared to fellow travelers from Asia Pacific. However, one would expect mobile devices to be the undisputed champions when it comes to booking and research travel in the region. Our research tell us differently. We surveyed travelers from across 14 markets in Asia Pacific in our report Journey of Me Insights and took away some interesting tidbits when it comes to mobile travel habits. Here are a few of our key takeaways from Northeast Asia.

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Japanis the outlier when it comes to booking and researching travel on mobile. Our survey shows that only 23% of Japanese travelers do most of their trip booking on mobile and just 30% use mobile for research. This is quite the contrast with their Korean counterparts, of which 52% book trips via mobile. Koreantravelers are relatively high users of mobile for researching with 60% saying it’s their go to medium. However they still also rely heavily on laptop and desktop computers compared to other travelers. 83% use computers for research (vs. 76% in the APAC region) and 79% use computers for bookings (vs. 74% regionally).

Interestingly, 66% of travelers from mainland Chinado most of their trip booking on mobile, while only 39% of Hong Kongtravelers do so. Hong Kongers show a slight tendency to favor larger screens when researching and booking trips. They show higher usage of desktops, laptops and tablets for trip booking and research than the average Asia Pacifictraveler, while usage of mobile phones is lower.

Travelers from Taiwanstrongly prefer to research and book their trips through laptops and desktops. 91% picked laptops or desktops as their most used device for research, while only 40% picked mobile phones. For bookings, 84% use laptops or desktops, while only 39% book on mobile phones. Taiwanese travelers also show a higher preference for using travel agencies for researching (14%) and booking trips (23%) compared to the average Asia Pacific traveler.

Travel players should take notice of these differences and tailor their offers accordingly. Perhaps in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan a more traditional approach to travel booking is needed, while in Korea a mobile first strategy should be embraced? What do you think?

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