Mobile is the one indispensable ally throughout your trip

Michael Bayle

Head of Mobile, Amadeus IT Group

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In today’s crowded world, travelling can sometimes be a daunting experience. Long queues, traffic, delays, tight layovers, missed flights, and the list goes on. Even planning a trip can be a headache in itself when choosing where to go and which sights to see.



Fortunately, mobile can offer some relief. In an always connected world, some may argue that mobile is an enemy that takes the charm, thrill, and surprise away from travel. The fact is, no other technology has empowered travellers to take more control of their itinerary, enjoy a less stressful and worry-free trip, save time, and find viable travel alternatives, conveniently and on-the-spot.

Endless Possibilities

What’s clear is that with a smartphone in hand, the traveller is in the driver’s seat of their trip. Today it’s possible to instantly learn of new destinations and services that perhaps would have gone undiscovered through services likeSpottedByLocals. Finding a local guide, host or simply other travellers to connect with in a foreign city is also a possibility with apps likeTripr.

Add social media into the mix and you get exponential, immediate results to overcome important hurdles.Waze, for example, was created to help people demanding alternative routes when traffic is congested. Moovit, on the other hand, is an app that helps travellers look for alternative routes on public transport.

The mobile frenzy has also jumped well beyond smartphone territory into wearable technology and the Internet of Things. For the traveller, mobile is indispensable before, during, and after the trip.


Amadeus’ mobile application, CheckMyTrip, is making trips more personal than ever before. The app helps travellers feel like a local thanks to tour and activity recommendations. CheckMyTrip also provides travellers with hotel recommendations and the possibility to book a transfer service to easily get to where they’re going.

At Amadeus, we helped travel sellers move onto the internet two decades ago and we are continuing do the same with mobile. Our R&D team is constantly testing and creating new mobile innovations to ensure travel providers keep on being relevant in the future and offer a smooth travel experience.

And as we get closer to the biggest mobile event globally, theMobile World Congressin Barcelona, we will be looking out for the next hot trends in mobile and travel. Watch this space for more insights!