Offer your customers a mobile boarding pass right from Google

Guillaume Ebrard

Product Manager, Altea Departure Control, Amadeus IT Group

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Airlines can now offer their customers a new option to display their mobile boarding pass on their smartphone through the Google app, as Amadeus has enabled Altéa customers to activate this functionality. This follows on from other apps supported by Amadeus such as Apple Passbook or Samsung Wallet, and brings a series of additional benefits to travellers.

Google Now Boarding Pass

In recent posts, we’ve looked at the occasional difficulties experienced to print a boarding pass, and at the growing numbers of hyperconnected travellers who are increasingly reliant on their devices. If we add all these factors up, then offering our Altéa Suite customers the possibility of displaying mobile boarding passes through Google Now could not come at a better time.


Google Now

The information and functionalities offered by the Google app are enabled by Google Now. Travellers can access a host of travel related information all from one place– from directions and estimated travel time to the airport, to reminders and updates on the flight status. For example, Google will check the information on your boarding pass against flight schedules and send you a notification if there are any changes. The benefits of having a mobile boarding pass on your smartphone are many: no need for a printer, always to hand, and impossible to lose! It’s also available on both Android and Apple as well as the Web (Google Chrome), Wear, and Glass. With Google Now, travellers get the right information at the right time before they ask for it.

Already three of our Altéa Suite customers have enabled Google Now, and many more will come soon. For our airline customers, provided they’re already Altéa users, the process couldn’t be simpler - all that is required is the activation of Google Now features on Altéa Self Service Check In. If you’re a traveller, download the Google app to your smartphone, and once you have completed your online check-in, send the boarding pass to your Gmail account.

Android Wear

Leaving your boarding pass at the bottom of the security check tray (hands up who hasn’t done that) will soon be a thing of the past, and Now gives us one more reason to be attached (emotionally and physically) to our smartphones.

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