Shaping the Future of Travel in the Gulf Cooperation Council: Big Travel Effects

Antoine Medawar

Vice President, MENA, Amadeus IT Group

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As outlined in the new Amadeus-commissioned report, Shaping the Future of Travel in the Gulf Cooperation Council: Big Travel Effects, additional unfolding demographic forces such as a steady inflow of expatriate workers, robust natural population growth and a growing middle class, will combine to drive a new and divergent set of travel behaviours and needs in the region.


The Gulf region is poised for a new era of travel as investment in infrastructure, new tourism sectors, and governmental initiatives to ease intra and extra-regional movement make the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) more attractive to leisure and business travellers.

Insights from the report

The report, which uses information gathered from a survey of 1,000 travellers from the region as well as interviews with thought leaders in the travel industry, was written by Frost & Sullivan and Insights. It examines and contextualises the various ways a new travel landscape will develop in the Gulf region over the next fifteen years. Key findings include; economies in the GCC are diversifying beyond oil, tourism will have a trickle-down effect, and the GCC is working to make travel easier.

Today, nearly 25% of the GCC’s population is under 15 years of age. As this demographic becomes tomorrow’s decision makers, it will shake up traditional behaviours to become increasingly self-directed. The coming-of-age of the GCC’s youthful population will reshape thetravel industry in the region over the next fifteen years, as digital nativesinstinctively turn to mobile technologies and social media to plan, book and manage travel.

The travel providers who address the nuanced needs of the region’s population stand to thrive in the coming decades. At Amadeus our people, our technology and our innovation are dedicated to helping our customers and partners to shape the future of travel in this region.

Please download a free copy of the Shaping the Future of Travel in the Gulf Cooperation Council: Big Travel Effects report.


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