Middle East Airlines and Amadeus extend Lebanese hospitality globally through distribution partnership

Dr. Walid Abillamaa, Head of Commercial Strategy and Alliances, MEA

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Lebanese culture and hospitality is known the world-over. As the national carrier of Lebanon, for more than 70 years, Middle East Airlines has offered our customers top-class services both on ground and on board that reflect this identity.

We have worked hand in hand with Amadeus too - we’re proud to be a member the Altéa community and we’ve already seen excellent results from Amadeus’ state of the art revenue management system.

Now, we are delighted to further cement our partnership with a new 10-year agreement that will make our content available to global travel sellers connected to Amadeus. In doing so, we will become the 16th airline to join a 10-year framework agreement negotiated in 2017 by the Arab Air Carriers Association (AACO) for Amadeus distribution services.

In this digital era the needs of our customers continue to evolve, and we are dedicated to transforming our operations to deliver the experience they truly want . We will do this by offering the best value and best services, powered by reliable and powerful smart solutions. Amadeus, and the framework developed in partnership with the AACO, will help us to achieve these business goals over the next decade.

We chose Amadeus not only because of our long standing technology partnership, but also because this agreement will help us drive larger economies of scale, increase technological efficiencies, and meet our distribution ambitions well into the future. We need to be where our travelers are shopping and give them the best possible experience – that’s why we’ll also work with Amadeus to explore the full potential of its travel agency network, including enhanced merchandising and retailing capabilities. 

Today, Middle East Airlines has one of the world’s most modern fleets and flies three million passengers to 32 destinations every year. Our renewed partnership with Amadeus ensures that we’ll be able to continue to do this, while achieving growth, well into the future.


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