Why merchandising is key to TAP’s traveller experience and growth strategy

Riccardo Lo Presti

Vice President Sales & Distribution, TAP Portugal

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For more than seven decades, TAP has extended Portugal’s hospitality to millions of travellers around the world. Many things have changed during this time, from how and when we shop to the type of interaction we expect to have with the companies we buy from. Consumers today are more demanding and more empowered than ever before and they have become accustomed to a huge range of choice, and the ability to personalise the product – all on the go.

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Travellers and travel experiences

At TAP, it all begins with the traveller. We understand that our customers want to choose how and when to book so we aim to deliver a consistent brand experience, whether they are shopping through our mobile app or through a travel agent on their laptops. Of course, in a time-hungry world, choice can also be overwhelming when products aren’t clearly defined and come at the expense of easy comparison.   Our new branded fares were recently launched simultaneously in TAP’s direct sales channels as well as Amadeus’ distribution channel so travellers can enjoy consistent access to our products through all touch-points. It also means that they are now presented with clear and transparent offers that facilitate decision-making so travellers can easily choose the travel experience that best meets their preferences and only pay for those services they want.    Travellers can further personalise their travel experience through our extensive ancillary services offer. Again, they can do this with us directly or through their travel agent, with access to our full ancillaries listing at all times. We invest so much in the TAP travel experience; we really want to bring our brand to life for our travellers and travel agency partners. And what better way to do that than by adding a rich content layer to our merchandising strategy? Through

Amadeus Rich Merchandising, our customers and partners can now see images of exactly what they’re booking. And we can also fully leverage the Amadeus global network by launching highly targeted advertising campaigns for priority routes, right down to specific points-of-sale.

From powering our airline systems and ecommerce platform right the way through to deploying our indirect distribution strategy, we have enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Amadeus. Amadeus’ merchandising technology has helped us connect and engage better with our customers and travel agency partners. And for TAP that’s the most important thing as we move forward with our omni-channel merchandising strategy.


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