Merchandising during the travel lifecycle presents new opportunities for providers

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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Throughout their journey, from booking to hotel check in, travellers will continue to have options to tailor their experience in the global travel ecosystem.


On-board cross-selling brings connected travellers to the cloud, with dynamic on-screen purchasing including Wi-Fi, entertainment and destination packages with preferential pricing offers for local restaurants and other amenities. Merchandising systems integrated into travel provider apps can also offer local information and offers, by drawing on a wide range of third party destination content.

Geolocation benefits

Geolocation information can enable fast track boarding and auto check-in messages can provide comfort for travellers delayed en-route to the airport. When they arrive, travellers can receive mobile promotions for discounts in shops at the airport terminal.

Such third party promotional deals represent an increase in ancillary revenue of 10-15% and can increase repeat sales by 60-70% according to findings from our ‘Thinking Like A Retailer’ report.

For more about the vision of the Amadeus Global Travel Ecosystem – have a look at this infographic.


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