Mega Event Asia Pacific: Collaboration to bring fun back into air travel

Christian Baillet

Regional Director, Airline IT Sales, Amadeus IT Group

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Air travel used to be glamourous – defined by luxury, passenger convenience and comfort. Then competition went up, fares dropped, seats shrank, and the low-cost airline was born. With the doors of air travel thrown wide open to the masses, now everyone can fly; but for most people, the experience can be stressful, uncomfortable, and sometimes even unpleasant.


Can we put the sparkle back in travel? Yes we can.

How? By putting the traveller back at the centre, and delivering a more rewarding experience. To achieve that, two things need to happen: collaboration across airlines, airports, travel distributors, and other travel service providers, and greater personalisation of the traveller experience.

These themes were at the heart of the 2nd Mega Event Asia Pacific, held recently in Singapore. In a day and a half, we took a look at the travellers of tomorrow, as described in the Future Traveller Tribes 2030research papers.

We saw how ‘mobile everywhere’ creates multiple new and creative customer interaction opportunities. We talked about strategies to transform lookers into bookers. We heard from a rich ecosystem of technology vendors enabling the experience. And we learned how airlines can mobilise data to make intelligent, contextual and tailored offers to travellers. One example that grabbed my attention: Air New Zealand using data of their top customers to have their favourite type of coffee ready for them by the time they check in at the lounge.

My takeaway from the event was that the future is exciting, technology is enabling incredible change, and the opportunities for airlines and travel providers are aplenty. But the industry will need to put the traveller front and centre, and work hand in hand to deliver the seamless, rich, and personalised travel experiences that they want. This is a conversation that Amadeus is driving, and we are excited to be working with our customers and partners to make this a reality.

Thank you to the organisers for a great conference. I am already looking forward to joining again next year.


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