Meet the ideas for travel judges: Mujteba Naqvi, Bonvoy

Steve Joseph

Head of Content & Social Media, Amadeus IT Group

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The first interview in our 'meet the judges' series for the ideas for travel competition sees us speak with Mujteba Naqvi. Mujteba is the CEO of start-up travel firm Bonvoy, a Facebook-based service which allows friends to plan, book and split costs for group travel trips.


We're delighted to welcome Mujteba tothe Amadeus ideas for traveljudging panel where his 'social' and start-up experience will add a unique perspective.

Read on for Mujteba's thoughts on the ideas for travel competition, what is driving the development of the travel industry and what motivates and inspires him personally.

mujteba naqvi


Why are new ideas important to the travel industry?

Consumer habits change and if an industry does not promote fresh vision, perspective, and ideas then that very industry will fail to capitalize. We have seen industries such as print media unfortunately succumb to this failure.

What role do you believe the ideas for travel competition can play in helping to improve the travel experience of today, tomorrow and beyond?

This competition is a refreshing first step to draw upon people far and wide to improve or enhance travel.

Bonvoy is an innovative, disruptive company. As its founder and CEO, what areas of the travel industry do you believe have the most scope for development?

There are three key areas which will shape various industries not only travel. These are social, mobile, and local. Our focus started with social but we became aware early on that we must position mobile and local products so we can better surround our users with our brand and its value proposition.

On the subject of development, what changes made in the travel industry during 2010 stand out to you as being the most significant?

Many bold new start-ups emerged attacking the space which major and existing travel players thought were unimportant or still are slow to move in.

Finally, what message of inspiration do you have for to the competition's contestants?

Ideas are great but everything is about execution. If you believe your idea can change the travel space for the better, go do it!

Thanks Mujteba, who can be found on Twitter at@mujnaqvi.

Learn more about Bonvoy by visiting the company website,Facebook PageandTwitter account.


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