Meet the ideas for travel judges: Ana De Pro, CFO, Amadeus

Steve Joseph

Head of Content & Social Media, Amadeus IT Group

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The next interview in our 'meet the judges' series sees us get the thoughts and opinions of Ana De Pro, CFO at Amadeus.


Spanish born Ana, who is a fluent English and French speaker, is based in our Madrid office from where she holds responsibility for global financial management and control within the Amadeus Group and sits on our executive management team.

The questions and answers below reveal Ana's thoughts on theideas for travel competition, the evolution of travel and why the finance side of innovation should not be forgotten.


ana de pro


Why are new ideas important to the travel industry?

Ideas are the basis for innovation, and have been since time began. No new ideas would mean no innovation which is unthinkable for travel, particularly when you consider its evolution in the last 20 years alone.

What role do you believe the ideas for travel competition can play in helping to improve the travel experience of today, tomorrow and beyond?

The competition is designed to improve travel by listening to the most qualified people involved, the travellers. No one knows the areas for improvement like those who experience it first-hand. Now, thanks to the internet, we have a medium that allows us to connect with travellers across the world, each one of whom can make their voice heard.

Which areas of the travel industry do you believe are best positioned to develop and grow?

There is no doubt that technology is one of the primary drivers of innovation across so many areas in life, and its influence on travel is no different. The mobile phone itself is likely to be the biggest driver of change with new technology and access to information offering the potential to ease many of the less enjoyable parts of the travel experience, such as the check-in experience.

As a CFO, and from a financial stand-point, what type of ideas are you looking for amongst the ideas for travel competition entries?

The ideas that are most likely to find traction in the competition are those that provide a solution to a problem. Helping 'fix' an aspect of the travel industry gives industry players a strong incentive to adopt an idea in order to provide a better experience for customers. Equally the feasibility of an idea, its associated costs and 'fit' within the current industry climate, are important factors to consider.

Thank you Ana.

You can find more information about Ana in the senior management section of our websitehere.


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