Meet Marna – an Active Senior traveller with unique needs

Karun Budhraja

Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Communications, Amadeus Asia Pacific

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She packs her knives in her knickers to cook up comfort food while she’s on the road and she expects the travel experience to be smooth and easy. Her name is Marna and she’s a senior traveller who has specific needs and she’s also our first Active Senior in the Amadeus Travel Lounge series.

Active Seniors, a traveller segment identified by the Amadeus Traveller Trends Observatory, like Marna have the money and freedom needed to travel the world. But they have specific preferences that must be met by a flexible, reliable, and accessible travel experience. Marna wants to be at ease during her travels and that means a smooth experience without hassles like long tarmac walks where she has to ascend stairs to board an airplane. Technology also plays a significant role in creating a smoother and personalised experience for her and she will use services that provide access to the adventures she’s looking for.

Active Seniors like Marna are accounting for an increasingly significant portion of leisure travellers – especially in Australia and Japan. Over 65s is those countries now account for over 20% of all leisure travellers. By 2030 there will be an increase of 250 million over 65s across the seven key markets of Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, and Singapore, with most of the increase coming from China and India.

These travellers will create significant changes in the travel market and represent a large and growing opportunity for travel providers. The challenge will be in successfully monetising it.

Have a look at Marna’s Travel Lounge video to learn more about this traveller segment.


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