Meet Hendric – a Social Capital Seeker who loves to share his travel experiences

Karun Budhraja

Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Communications, Amadeus Asia Pacific

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Hendric is a young, social traveller from Singapore. He’s travelled to more than 40 countries, and he’s into sharing his experiences with friends and producing content for his travel blog while he’s on the go. Based on our Traveller Tribes 2030 report, Hendric primarily falls into the Social Capital Seeker tribe.

Social Capital Seekers understand that being well-travelled is an enviable personal quality. Their choices are often shaped by their desire to maximise the social rewards gained from travel. They will exploit the potential of social and digital media to enrich, inform and structure their experiences, while keeping in mind that they’re being watched by online audiences.

By 2030, Social Capital Seekers like Hendric will develop a sixth sense for all things social. They will assume that travel players have a social media presence and brand representatives will need to be trained and equipped to handle price negotiations, cross-sell, respond to complaints, and generally communicate instantaneously and online.

Social Capital Seekers will see the world in terms of its potential for creating spreadable content, with the visual sense of a film director, the narrative sense of a script writer and – perhaps most importantly – the business sense of an international entrepreneur.

The most important thing travel brands can do for travellers like Hendric is to curate sharable moments, and to invite customers to move between social media and physical spaces seamlessly to capture and promote these moments. This could mean providing ‘highlight reels’ from trips, or other attention-grabbing, aesthetically-pleasing souvenirs. Ideally, this will help the traveller enhance the range and strength of their social signal upon return and it will also be a make or break factor with regards to the success of their holiday.

There is a clear tendency amongst this tribe to trust real people’s statements over sales pitches. Decision making will be validated, or even outsourced entirely to an online electorate. ‘Trendy’ destinations will be preferred and ‘bucket lists’ will be consciously or unconsciously crowdsourced.

Social influence in 2030 will be massively monetisable. All consumer-facing brands will tier their offerings in some way according to the level of customer clout. This economy is currently embryonic and informal, and customers are more often than not the active party here. Going forward, customers will be proactively invited to rent out their social channels to brands for a fee.

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