Meet Brendan – he travels off the beaten path with a sense of truthfulness in mind

Karun Budhraja

Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Communications, Amadeus Asia Pacific

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Meet Brendan. Based in Australia, Brendan loves everything about travel… well, almost everything. He actively avoids the road most travelled and does his travel differently.

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Based on our Traveller Tribes 2030 report, Brendan is a Cultural Purist. Similar to Milda, a Cultural Purist I spoke with previously, Brendan values unique and authentic travel experiences. But just how can travel players reach these types of travellers and cater to their behaviours?

Cultural Purists get their inspiration from media such as TV documentaries, user-generated travel videos on YouTube and Vimeo, food and nature programmes, blogs, forums and books that share an insight into a diverse and authentic travel destination.

Personalisation of services and advertisements could prove tricky with this tribe, as they are likely to view suggestions on where to go and what to do as hindrances to true discovery. Members of this tribe do not want their past experiences or preferences to rule their future plans.

At the opposite end of the spectrum to the Simplicity Searchers, Cultural Purists will be open to new experiences at every moment of their journey. They will not lock in all of their journey at the booking stage, instead they will keep commitments to a minimum and enjoy the freedom of going wherever the road leads.

The keywords for this traveller are: flexibility and spontaneity. Travel providers should focus on delivering flexible options allowing for flight and service changes, as well as minimising the number of commitments the traveller has to make at the booking stage. It will be futile to offer ‘local’ experiences from a set menu, as these travellers are allergic to ‘corporate’ or ‘pre-packaged’ experiences.

The sharing economy will play a big role in this tribe’s travel experience and they will want to remove any barriers between themselves and the local culture. They will be heavy users of ‘Airbnb’ equivalents and platforms that bring travellers and sellers of local services closer together. Tours from locals will be preferred over large traditional group tours.

The smartphone will, of course, be widely used, but these travellers may use it less for travel discovery, and will instead prefer local guidance and spontaneity.

Cultural Purists will prefer the human touch and will look to locals and like minded peers who can provide local knowledge and off the beaten track experiences – travel agents would be wise to tread carefully to be viewed as a trusted expert instead of a distributor of cookie-cutter trips.

For further information about Cultural Purists, have a look at our Traveller Tribes 2030 reports, and be sure to watch more traveller stories at the Amadeus Travel Lounge.


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