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Meet Amanda - our new colleague

Helena Antonsson

Functional Support

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She’s smart, helpful and polite … and she is fast. Sounds like the dream customer service agent, right? Well, if you haven’t already met the latest member of our customer service team, don’t worry, you will soon! Helena Antonsson, Functional Support at Amadeus, explains why travel agents in Scandinavia are soon in for a real support treat as Amanda, our new chatbot, goes live in early February.

Got a quick question and too impatient to hang around waiting for an answer? Or a new colleague who is not familiar with the Amadeus booking platform? It’s pretty frustrating to have to pick up the phone and call the helpdesk, or to waste time sending an email and then wait for a response. Imagine getting an answer to your question at the click of your fingers.

We know travel agents are busy people who want quick and easy access to information. They have no time to waste. That’s why we have launched Amanda. She will be available 24/7.

From the beginning of February, when you log on to Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, you’re going to notice something different. Our new chatbot, Amanda who will pop up on the right hand side of your screen to greet you.

Instant support

Ask her a simple question – for example, how can I issue a ticket - and you will get an answer in two seconds with links to useful documents and alternatives.  If you are stuck in a reservation and want to know the next step, she can assist you. Or, if you want information about products or news, just ask Amanda.

Sceptical that a chatbot can answer your questions? Well, we spent the past year testing Amanda extensively and she’s pretty good at answering clear and simple questions. If she’s not sure what you are asking her, she will prompt you for more information. If you are not happy with her answer, just let us know and we can reprogram the question.

Trust me, Amanda’s going to be your new best friend at Amadeus so don’t be afraid to try her out. You’re going to get quicker answers than sitting and thinking about it, or calling us.

About the author

Helena Antonsson is working with Functional Support at Amadeus Scandinavia. Since joining Amadeus in 2017, she has been working on the launch of ‘Amanda’. When she’s not finding solutions to customers’ problems, Helena enjoys reading, running and spending time at her summer house (even in winter!).