What you measure is what you get – shaping a sustainable future for travel and tourism

Svend Leirvaag

VP Industry Affairs, Amadeus IT Group

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2017 is UNWTO’s International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Travel & Tourism is increasingly making an impact in developing countries and influencing the lives of millions of people – direct employment from travel and tourism has increased from 3.2 million (1995) to 8.6 million (2015) in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) - every job generated in our industry generates 1.4 additional jobs indirectly. The economic benefits of tourism can only last if the underlying business is sustainable. Measuring and evaluating the progress of sustainability goals in the long-term is therefore critical in our efforts to shape a more sustainable travel and tourism industry.


The Global Sustainable Tourism Dashboard has been launched by Dr. Susanne Becken from Griffith Institute for Tourism and Prof. Graham Miller from the University of Surrey. The team of researchers have an impressive track record for world-leading quality research in the tourism field.

The Dashboard draws on Amadeus data and support and we expect it to be a key point of reference when analyzing progress made in the industry towards a more sustainable future.

Sustainability Strategy

An important element of Amadeus’ sustainability strategy is to work in cooperation with industry and knowledge partners to enhance the understanding of our industry and work towards more sustainable tourism. Our cooperation with Griffith Institute of Tourism and many other partners is a part of our global engagement related to sustainability.

The purpose of the Dashboard is to track global progress towards sustainable tourism development, while promoting action and change. It aims to give a wider insight into how the tourism sector is contributing to sustainability – it incorporates a set of indicators that track progress against the 17 Sustainable Development Goals agreed by the United Nations

The Dashboard also integrates information provided by organisations such as the United Nations World Tourism Organisation and the World Travel and Tourism Council, and incorporates knowledge from established initiatives such as the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and the European Tourism Indicator System. The Dashboard also aligns with the United Nations 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production, the 10YFP, and I welcome you to visit the newly launched Dashboard here.

Amadeus obviously has a genuine interest in contributing to the sustainable growth of travel and tourism. As a recognized and respected global technology leader, recently included among the 100 most sustainable companies in the world, we also have a moral obligation to contribute to a more sustainable travel and tourism industry. We are proud, therefore, that our contribution to the Dashboard has made this important achievement possible.


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