[VIDEO] Industry guru Martin Cowen on the commonalities between air and rail distribution

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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Martin Cowen, the respected freelance journalist and travel industry guru, sat down with me at the Amadeus Rail Forum in Vienna to talk about his observations from the event.

martin cowen

Cowen, who’s written previously for us about the evolution of airline merchandising, pointed out the similarities between the air and rail distribution landscapes and also how the rail industry could be well served to follow the example of airlines in terms of the adoption of technology and the promotion of their products. He also touched on how the rail world still has regulatory complexities to overcome, with technological obstacles being less of an issue. Unlike the air world he noticed there is an evident gap of any sort of rail alliance or association.

Have a look at the video interview– and be sure to let us know how you think the rail industry could better position itself as a viable travel alternative in the future.

Rail Forum 2014 - Interview with Martin Cowen, Freelance Journalist


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