Mannequin challenge meets Amadeus around the world

Rose Fernandez

Director of Marketing, Amadeus UK and Ireland

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In Marketing, we’re always racking our brains trying to find a way to cut through the noise. Thankfully, our team has a real ‘can do’ attitude. So when I asked them to film a mannequin challenge video, and plant a message as an Easter egg, they got on with it without batting an eye. Literally, not batting an eye!

wooden manikin


What happened after that was pure Amadeus magic. You see, at Amadeus UK, the word ‘challenge’ gets us excited. Within 24 hours we had a reply. The Product and Innovation team out ‘mannequined’ us with a Matrix themed production even Morpheus would be proud of.  Of course, the Commercial team had to have their say.

They produced a yoga themed mannequin video, showing their flexibility and some impressive ladies holding a plank for way too long. And then another, and another. Each one better and more creative than the first.

Being the global company that we are, it didn’t take long for the challenge to hit international waters. Africa got into the groove with their own special tune.Asia was soon sending onefrom the east, and then we got aThanksgiving mannequin videofrom the west.Amadeus Spain added a few of theirsto the mix too, along with theirfinance department, and the most recent has come from ourheadquartersin Madrid.

Each one marked by that special diverse Amadeus quality. Although we are made up of 123 different nationalities and speak 56 different languages in over 190 markets around the world, you can always spot the Amadeus in us. When we hear the word challenge, we all think the same thing; bring it on!