Malaysia Airlines takes digital transformation to next level with flight booking chatbot

Cyril Tetaz

Executive Vice President, Airlines, Asia Pacific, Amadeus

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We’ve been working closely with Malaysia Airlines since the carrier successfully migrated to the Amadeus Altéa Suite in mid-2017.

Now, we’re happy to continue with Malaysia Airlines on its digital transformation journey with the launch of MHchat, a new feature which helps travelers book flights and pay through the popular social media app, Facebook Messenger.

Malaysia Airlines’ customers can use MHchat to look up flights, or ask a question related to a booking on Facebook Messenger. It will then search, locate, and push offers or information using artificial intelligence (AI). Travelers can even complete a transaction, make a secure payment, and receive their travel itinerary all within the same app.

Designed to mimic human conversation, MHchat acts like a true ‘travel buddy’ that understands what the traveler needs. The result is a convenient, smart solution that is available 24/7, facilitating smoother transactions, immediate responses, and allowing conversations to take place when it suits the customer.

The concept is based on the Amadeus Chatbot for Airlines, a new solution designed to make it easier for travelers to book flights, retrieve bookings, and ask questions through a social media messaging platform that customers are already familiar with. The chatbot can be customized for any airline, delivering higher customer satisfaction, and more revenue opportunities as well as cost-savings around customer care. In this case, we worked with Malaysian Airlines to deliver the MHchat platform in just three months.

We are very delighted to work with Malaysia Airlines on its digital transformation and MHchat is a testament to the airline’s commitment to evolve its digital channels in innovative new ways. Have a look at MHchat here and let us know what you think.


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