Making travel accessible for all with the ONCE Foundation

Tomas López Fernebrand

SVP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Amadeus IT Group

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No traveller should be left behind before the journey has even started, but people with disabilities experience this every day. Just planning a journey – timetables, reservations, payments – deters many from even considering journeys they are capable of. At Amadeus we are committed to shaping a future of travel where people with disabilities have equal access at the point of booking.


To this end, we have signed an agreement with the ONCE Foundationto work towards providing universal access to travel and tourism for people with disabilities.

The ONCE Foundation centres its efforts on helping people with disabilities to integrate into the workforce through training, job programmes and promoting the concept of design for all. They are experts in this field, so we are very excited by the potential to combine our respective expertise to achieve long-term goals neither of us could achieve alone.

Both Amadeus and ONCE will hold regular meetings to discuss, propose, and evaluate initiatives necessary to achieve the objectives of our agreement. We encourage other organisations to consider how they could work jointly with us to build an accessible environment for all in travel and tourism.