Making business travel and expense simple with SAP

Lydie Charpin

Global Head of Corporation Solutions, Travel Channels, Amadeus

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Simplicity is a beautiful thing. But it’s not typically the first word that comes to mind when you hear the phrase ‘business travel expense reporting’. In fact, that phrase is downright terrifying for many business travelers.

Fear not, Amadeus cytric is here and now SAP certified.

What does this mean for business travelers? Simply put, business travel data can be easily transferred from Amadeus cytric to SAP systems. This includes human resources master data, cost centers, booking data, and expense data which can be shared between the two systems. Plus, users only need a single sign on via their SAP login.

This integration simplifies the travel and expense process so every stakeholder, from the traveler to the accountant, has the same data on every system. It increases security and efficiency in the process through data harmonization. Accountants don’t need to export the travel and expense data and import it to SAP, because profile databases are always in sync.

When it comes to business travel anything that can make a tedious process simpler is welcomed. With SAP and Amadeus working together, there’s no need to manually load data so time is saved and mistakes are limited. The bottom line is that this combination reduces cost through efficiency, which is music to every travel planner’s ears.

Visit the Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense site to learn how to simplify your travel and expense program with this cutting edge solution.