How LuxairGroup is positioning itself to prosper in a competitive air transport market

Martin Isler & Alberto O. Kunkel

Executive Vice President Airline & Executive Vice-President Tour Operating and Sales & Marketing - LuxairGroup

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When it comes to technology, our strategy is to follow market trends, which is why we have chosen to extend our cooperation with Amadeus – as they offer state of the art technology developed with these key trends in mind. Amadeus’ Altéa suite was perfectly in line with our CRM strategy which consists of offering a specific customer the right service at the right time while multiplying all the little pluses that enhance the travel experience – a key differentiator for us in this competitive market.

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Luxembourg has the highest nominal GDP per capita in the world and customers of LuxairGroup, the country’s key air transport player, expect our service to reflect this fact. Accordingly, we were faced with two key issues that needed to be addressed; how to further enhance the travel experience for our customers and how to increase efficiency for our agents.

Better Organization

From a commercial point of view, Amadeus’ Altéatechnology will allow our customers to organise their journeys with ancillary services accessible when booking a flight. It will also grant them much more flexibility to cancel, change or adjust their reservations. Additionally, new real time communication possibilities will guarantee closer relations with our customers and enable reactive/proactive actions in case of irregularity or special service requests. Ground handling processes such as weight and balance will also be optimised and sped up.

Operationally, migrating to a platform, which most of major Europe’s airlines already use or are planning to use, will considerably ease collaboration between our companies and accelerate internal processes. In Luxembourg it will reduce the number of different DCS systems of our customer airlines to be operated by our agents, thus making it more efficient for us and greatly facilitate personnel planning. It will also give us the benefit of shortened training times for new agents.

Thanks to improved connectivity and as the system will be used by our service providers in our outstations as well, we will be able adopt a standardised customer approach in outstations and in Luxembourg. Our internal operations and work processes will also be more efficient since solutions for the whole chain of services will be accessible by our agents from one place. Treatment of information will be faster and new functionalities will help teams in their daily tasks, using a very intuitive graphical interface.

All of these benefits prove that Amadeus’ technology is suitable for airlines of all sizes and can generate real value for growing and established travel providers alike.


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