Lufthansa first airline to use new personalisation technology for corporate customers

Dominic Matthews

Global Head of Loyalty, Amadeus IT Group

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We've all been there – running late to the airport, nervous about that big client meeting scheduled just after your flight lands. But that nervousness quickly turns to confidence once you realise that your company has an agreement with the airline you'll be flying with, so they already know that you’ll need a fast track through security, priority-boarding, a seat upfront, and all of the other personalised services that will make your travel experience hassle free.

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Your old work colleague Frank, who’s traveling on the same flight for business as well, is not so lucky. His company doesn't have an agreement with the airline he needs to take, so they don’t recognise him as a corporate traveller. He gets caught in a never-ending security queue, is one of the last to board, and of course he has been given a seat in the back row, and to compound his frustrations, his luggage is one of the last to arrive on the conveyor belt.

You're both frequent flyers, so why don't they recognise that Frank is a business traveller as well and serve him with a more personalised corporate travel experience?

Lufthansa innovates

Lufthansa is the first airline that will be able to do just that with Amadeus Altéa Corporate Recognition. This patent-pending tool allows Lufthansa to automatically recognise corporates at the time of booking, thus ensuring that strategic tailor-made offers can then be provided to the corporate customer as well as to the individual traveller across all stages of their journey.

This could mean corporates are offered preferential handling from the first booking step onwards or that individual corporate travellers are managed as valued customers whilst at the airport. At the same time, an airline, in general, has the potential to automatically offer packages of tailored ancillary services which are focused wholly on corporate travellers’ needs, such as, baggage and preferential seat options.

For Lufthansa this means a choice of selected services can be easily offered to boost demand and drive customer loyalty and retention, as the airline continues to actively focus its service to the corporate client’s needs.

Today, a majority of business travel is booked via the indirect channel, making Altéa Corporate Recognition’s ability to identify a corporate customer via any channel, including indirect and corporate self-booking tools such as Amadeus e-Travel Management, critical to helping airlines reach their personalisation objectives.

Altéa Corporate Recognition is complemented by our existing loyalty and personalisation solutions, which enable airlines to clearly recognise their loyalty program members and corporate customers throughout the merchandising, retailing and operational environment.

Have a look at the full press releasefor more about this game changing solution.


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