Lufthansa Group and Amadeus partner to solve the problem of airport payments

Kai Schilb

Head of Payment, Lufthansa Group Hub Airlines

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On an average day tens of thousands of passengers fly with Lufthansa Group Hub airlines. Our vision is to be innovative in the digital space for these travelers in significant ways. To do this, we need strong partnerships with travel technology players like Amadeus.

Together, we are improving the travel experience. The story of how Amadeus Airport Pay came to be is a great example of this.

We identified a pain point in the airport payment process. Travelers were often faced with inefficient ways to pay for ancillary services like extra baggage. In some cases, they needed to walk across the airport to a shared payment terminal or were limited in options of payment methods.

We teamed up with Amadeus to create a solution to these problems. A lot of hard work and innovation led to the development of Amadeus Airport Pay. Now travelers can easily add new services for their trips and pay for them at check-in counters or virtually anywhere in the airport. It also provides them with relevant and secure payment methods. Most importantly, this solution delivers a better travel experience by helping save time and effort at the airport.

What Amadeus has done with Airport Pay is build something that’s innovative and we’re proud to be the first to offer this solution in the airport environment. We owe this to the partnership we have with Amadeus and the focus we both share on creating a better experience for travelers.

Have a look at this video for more about how we’re using Amadeus Airport Pay in airports around the world.



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