Smoother shopping experience boosts business class sales for Lufthansa

Charles Rogier

Airlines Head of Solutions, Central and Eastern Europe, Amadeus

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Whether I’m planning a business or personal trip, there are always a number of aspects to take into consideration, namely my itinerary and, of course, budget. So, most of the time, it makes sense for me to do the planning myself so that I can quickly choose and book – based on my travel priorities.

Being a frequent traveler with Lufthansa Group, I love that they give me an overview of options available across their different carriers, making it easier for me to check out dates and times as well as fares and services included for the flight I want to take.

Clearly, I am not the only one who has been looking for that transparency. Lufthansa Group has given its passengers the flexibility to add these options, and the results have been amazing. The carrier increased the number of business class coupons sold on single leg flights by nearly 60% and boosted its share of mixed cabin bookings by 160% (flights with one leg in economy, and the other in business). This remarkable step up in sales is thanks to Lufthansa rolling out the Premium mode of Amadeus Flex Pricer.

This cutting-edge technology promotes many benefits: it displays search results that include offers from all carriers in the Lufthansa Group, it shows all fare options for all carriers on the same screen, as well as providing up to 14 different inbound and outbound travel options.

This solution enabled Lufthansa Group to fulfill its shopping strategy by promoting growth across the whole group while still respecting the brand and positioning of each carrier.

The improved choice and transparency give travelers the autonomy they want to book the travel they need – and the results speak for themselves. Most travelers, myself included, want clearly presented options at their fingertips to make an informed decision, in order to ensure each flight experience meets our individual needs.

As Harald Hartmann, Head of Sales, Marketing & Product IT-Hub Airlines, at Lufthansa German Airlines commented: “On our website, we could not promote and sell every fare from all the carriers belonging to our group. We needed to find a more inclusive and responsive shopping solution, and Amadeus Flex Pricer – Premium mode met all our needs.”

It’s been a pleasure working with Lufthansa to implement and see the results of this powerful solution.  This case study follows hot on the heels of Amadeus and Lufthansa’s recent agreement to renew their technology partnership, as Amadeus technology has been supporting the Lufthansa Group to foster innovation for over 30 years.

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