Lufthansa.com makes every shopping experience unique with Amadeus e-Personalise

Philippe Der Arslanian

VP, Merchandising & Digital, Amadeus IT Group

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As the great entrepreneur and founder/CEO of retail giant Amazon Jeff Bezos has demonstrated, diversifying from a core product to providing customers with everything they could possible want, has made Amazon an Internet bonanza and one of the greatest online success stories. How has Bezos achieved this? Quite simply by taking the mantra, first championed by another legendary retailer – Chicago’s Marshall Field’s – ‘the customer is always right’, and driving it forward into the digital era. It is all about an almost obsessive data-driven focus on the customer and personalising the shopping experience to each individual. “Determine what your customers need, and work backwards” is a piece of Bezos advice that some travel retailers have also taken on board.


The customer is always right

Lufthansa.com is transformed

Lufthansa is one such company to focus its attention on personalising the online experience for the 210 million visitors that buy travel annually on Lufthansa.com. Powered by Amadeus, the airline’s brand new website is equipped with Amadeus next generation e-commerce solutions to simplify, personalise and streamline Lufthansa’s service offering.

Amadeus e-Personaliseenables Lufthansa to enhance its merchandising capabilities by providing travellers with bespoke recommendations for a wide range of travel options, based on their specific areas of interest (e.g. car hire, hotel accommodation, extra leg room). Such up-selling and cross-selling not only enhances the journey, it also increases revenue contributions for the airline. Crucially though, the whole process is managed in a very subtle manner, ensuring that travellers retain complete control over which services they may want to purchase.

But websites should never be static and Lufthansa.com is no exception. Amadeus e-Personalise lets Lufthansa change and evolve much of its web content independently. This makes it possible to make instant updates and modifications in response to seasonality, changing trends and customer demands, maximising the website’s potential to sell more effectively.

Lufthansa - new online booking process


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