Traveller Tribes of Guadeloupe gather to discuss loyalty

Mustafa Ozalcin

Director, Loyalty Marketing and Sales, Amadeus IT Group

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Cultural Purists, Obligation Meeters, and Reward Hunters were all present at the 12th Amadeus Loyalty Customer Conference held in Guadeloupe and the message was clear; being closely connected is the key to sustaining successful and profitable customer service.


When Marc Rochet, CEO of event co-host Air Caraibes kicked off proceedings with his welcome address, he intimated that he wasn't sure if a frequent flier program was necessary to attain their future profitability goals but that the valuable data gained from it enabled them to provide a more tailored level of service to their particular niche of traveller. A key point was their reliance on industry experts, such as Amadeus, to provide guidance in areas outside of core airline operations.

"Listening to members" and "listening to the data" in trying to provide a continuously smooth customer experience was a recurring theme in all of the presentations and keynotes from the various contributors - as if they had been rehearsed and coordinated beforehand – which included Virgin Australia Velocity GM, Sid Gokani, TAP Portugal VP Marketing, Paula Canada and Egyptair Marketing Programs Manager, Dalia El Maraghy.

The only presentations that had been rehearsed (and executed to perfection live by Amadeus R&D and Product Management teams), were those outlining future innovations Amadeus is developing to meet what was once a "Futuristic Fantasy..." Lost your luggage? Your Apple Watch will let you know when it will arrive…

To wrap things up, Icelandair Marketing Director, Inga Ragnarsdottir pulled no punches in successfully debating the case for more personalisation and customer experience, flooring ICLP's Iain Webster, the same Iain Webster who had previously shown how data can be used to combat competitive challenges such as member ‘idebtification’ and churn.