Looking to the future with the ‘Hotels 2020: Beyond Segmentation’ report and Amadeus Hotel Platform

Fabrice Marchand

Head of Product Strategy & Marketing, Hotel IT, Amadeus IT Group

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Where will the hotel industry and the customers it services be twenty years from now?

It’s a near impossible question given the speed and unpredictable way society changes. The continued development of technology and influence of the internet are feeding an evolution consumer wants, needs and desires.

Increasingly travelers seek a greater personalization of services, unique experiences and greater comfort. The hotel industry cannot afford to ignore these changes.

Our latest report – Hotels 2020: Beyond Segmentation – provides insight into the future of the industry outlining the radical changes shaping the guest of the future and what hotels must do to succeed in an ever-changing, competitive environment.

We are also proud to announce the launch of Amadeus Hotel Platform, a product which we believe will change the way the hotel industry does business.

Amadeus Hotel Platform epitomises our aspiration to be Brighter, Bolder, Better by enabling hotels to evolve their business and adapt to new, upcoming changes, many of which are outlined in our ‘Hotels 2020: Beyond Segmentation’ report.

We’d appreciate your thoughts on the future of the hotel industry and the identity of the hotel guest of the future.

Do you believe technology will run to the core of the hotel of the future, or perhaps you feel the key elements of service will stand the test of time and remain the same?

Please leave your thoughts and points in the comments section below.