Looking for smarter corporate travel spending? Online adoption is the key!

Florian Tinnus

Head of Corporate IT, Amadeus IT Group

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This research really highlighted some of the challenges travel managers face in addition to the opportunities; reducing spend by up to 25% while keeping the indirect costs arising from routine tasks in check. It also presented us with an opportunity to create cost saving enhancements by applying what we learned from the study.

infographic online adoption


Last year we released an infographic entitledSmarter corporate travel spendingwhich revealed hidden savings opportunities for travel managers based upon a study we conducted with the consultancy company Hermes.


With this information in hand we augmented our Amadeus e-Travel Management self-booking tool with a bevy of key features. It’s now easier to ensure online adoption with the control of bookings directed offline. Discover improvements ranging from the initial flow activation to the default queue, as well as the additional benefits brought in with Amadeus Offers, a unique feature allowing for multi-proposals to be easily created offline by the travel agent and pushed to the travellers for selection directly within the system.

Interested in learning more? Check out this handy feature pictorial, the short teaser video below, thisrecent report by Hermes, and visit theAmadeus e-Travel Managementwebsite. We also want to know what you think of these enhancements – so be sure to leave a comment below, on ourFacebookpage, or send us aTweet.


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