London to Vienna and back by train – a visually stunning and simple journey

Mark Smith

Founder Seat61.com

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Attending the Amadeus rail forum in Vienna this June, I travelled there and back by train.  Watch my video guide to the train journey from London to Vienna by Eurostar, ICE, and the EuroNight sleeper train along the beautiful Rhine Valley as the sun set.


It’s easy to forget about the pleasures of a train journey when air travel is so superficially attractive - vastly better advertised, and admittedly much easier to book.  But for me, the sights, sounds and experience make a trip by rail an appealing alternative to the stresses of air travel.

On my return, I travelled from Vienna to London in a single day by ICE and Eurostar, a feat made possible by today's high-speed trains.

You can also see the Amadeus Rail team's videoon their adventurous rail trip from Antibes to Vienna.

Would you consider taking a trip like this? What might encourage you to do so? If not, what stops you from taking such a trip?

London to Vienna by Eurostar & sleeper train
London to Vienna by Eurostar & sleeper train


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