Live Travel Space: It’s about being more open, dynamic, and connected

Alina Ciochina

Manager, Communications, Strategy, Transformation & Communications, Travel Channels, Amadeus

I’ve been a privileged first line spectator of all the changes happening in the travel industry as a traveler, a travel seller, a travel provider and now, working at Amadeus. After all my experiences throughout these years, I’ve seen the travel industry moving at lighting speed.

At Amadeus, we envision a world of travel that is different—one that is more open, connected and dynamic—and we are working to make this a reality. This is why we are evolving. We are evolving the way we interact with our customers and our technology to promote their growth. And how are we making this happen?

By being open

We strive to listen, learn and embrace every opportunity that both travelers demand and our customers want to pursue. Being open is both a reflection of the attitude of our people and also a blueprint for how we build our technology and services. In fact, we are a leader in using open systems that provide the foundation of our innovative technology.

By being dynamic

We know that opportunity never waits and while the world continues to change at breakneck speed, we too must act when needed. We also embrace experimentation and believe that we must learn about what is possible, by continuously applying ourselves to innovation. 

By being connected

We appreciate that driving change in complex businesses, requires intelligence, knowledge, investment, and reach. We are determined to deliver what our customer’s want. And we’re doing this by demonstrating that we can connect them to the widest content offering to foster business growth.

These attributes – open, dynamic, connected, become an attitude and define the way we work. This is what the Live Travel Space is all about. Do you want to join us?

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