Live Travel Space: a foundation for winning in business travel

Rajiv Rajian

EVP, Business Travel Agencies, Travel Channels, Amadeus

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At my home near Dallas, the days are growing shorter, temperatures have cooled, and the colors of the leaves and grass are starting to change.

Yes, fall is in the air. And while the summer was certainly busy enough, with fall comes a return to being out on the road with our customers, prospects and our teams at full speed. It’s energizing, it’s rewarding, and it’s a key part of my personal efforts to support our collective success in business travel.

Across industries and across the world, business travel makes business happen. Whether it’s building customer relationships, bringing work groups together, or attending an industry conference, face-to-face interaction makes the difference. And our technology and expertise makes the difference for our business travel customers.

Powering better journeys

Digital technologies are changing the face of business travel. Travelers want choice, price transparency and personalization. Today’s ways of working – think mobile, self-service – open a myriad of possibilities for travelers and the brands that serve them. At the same time, corporations want better value from their travel spend. Business travel agencies must adapt to a changing environment, delivering service that helps their customers and travelers get the most out of business travel.

For this reason, we have evolved beyond being a GDS to becoming a Live Travel Space where all players can connect and collaborate to serve travelers faster and better. Our superior open systems technology, underpinned by the Amadeus Travel Platform, provides business travel agencies the content and capabilities needed to deliver better journeys. We are leading the way in seamlessly integrating content from multiple sources, made available via multiple devices. This technology combines with the expertise and consultancy of our people to help business travel agencies evolve and serve the needs of the modern day business traveler.

Three ways we’re helping business travel agencies win

Supporting agencies to excel in serving their customers

Business travel agencies and their clients demand access to the best travel product selection at the best value. The Amadeus Travel Platform provides exactly this, seamlessly integrating air, hotel, rail and other content from multiple sources and making it available via multiple interfaces. This is the foundation of our end-to-end solution portfolio that helps agencies best serve their customers throughout the travel lifecycle.

Our dedicated team of consultants - hundreds of business travel experts with local market presence and a global mindset, backed by over 5,000 Travel Channels professionals - understand business travel agencies and design tailored solutions to power their business success.

Enabling agencies to maximize revenues

In addition to delivering personalized, differentiated services, business travel agencies also need to focus on their bottom line and optimize revenue per transaction. Our industry leading, multi-source, multi-rep hotel offering is a great example of how we help business travel agencies accomplish this. Agents can quickly compare rates and compensation from multiple sources, offering business travelers the best value while securing the best margin available on each booking. With Amadeus solutions, customers can control which sources of content display in the search process and can optimize displays to offer customers the best value and maximize sales of preferred suppliers. Agencies can also prompt agents to cross-sell and up-sell a growing variety of travel products and ancillaries.

Helping agencies optimize efficiency and reduce costs

Digital transformation and process optimization offer the potential to reduce costs by automating core processes, improving IT flows, providing greater self-service options and improving agent productivity. Amadeus makes the complex simple, helping customers reduce costs and improve productivity.

Wherever you are in the world, the seasons are changing, and so are the demands and needs of your corporate customers and travelers. At Amadeus, we’re passionate about travel and technology, and are committed to help our customers thrive in a continually evolving industry. Travel suppliers, travel agencies, TMCs, corporations and travelers all contribute to and benefit from the Live Travel Space. It’s a space that tackles the needs of an open, dynamic and connected marketplace. 

Together we can create a world full of better journeys. Come join us in the Live Travel Space.


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