Leading innovation with user experience research

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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It’s likely that at some point in time we’ve all been impacted by an adverse user experience. Setting the time on an overly complicated VCR, those difficult to open plastic clamshell packages, doors with handles that say ‘push’.



At Amadeus, we understand that producing user friendly and satisfying products results from a thorough understanding of user needs. We know that it is crucial and goes alongside product functionality and performance.

This is why we have set ourselves an ambitious goal for our next generation business-to-business and business-to-customer products: to develop the most usable graphical interfaces based on the findings of research carried out with end-users around the world.

Just how are we accomplishing this?

The Amadeus User Experience research team follows a four-step reiterative approach:

Build Tests

Target users are identified and live products, interactive prototypes and conceptual mock-ups are tested.

Collect Data

User sessions are run either in our state-of-the-art user lab or directly at the user's premises (ex. airline office, travel agency). To guarantee neutrality, a large number of sessions are run by a third-party Usability Expert company.

Analyse Data

User's reactions and expectations as well as errors and misunderstandings are analysed to evaluate the screen layouts, workflows and general interaction.

Produce User Interface Guidelines

The findings of the research are translated into usability rules and recommendations which are known internally as User Interface Guidelines.

By investing in User Experience Research, we are ensuring our products can reach the level of productivity and user-friendliness expected by our customers and we are able to creatively explore ideas before big technical investments are made, thus avoiding expensive and time-consuming redesigns later on.

How does user experience impact your everyday life?