Launching the Amadeus Brighter, Bolder, Better ideas for travel competition


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Travelling is a major part of life for many people across the world. Whether it be rail, air, sea or hotels, all of us have opinions, thoughts and ideas about how to improve the experience.

With that in mind, we are excited to officially announce the launch of the Brighter, Bolder, Better ideas for travel competition which gives a voice to anyone taking part in the travel and tourism industry, offering a chance to change the travel industry for the better.

To quote HG Wells: “Human history is, in essence, a history of ideas”, and we are very much looking to the future with the Brighter, Bolder, Better ideas for travel competition. This really is your chance to make a difference to the way we travel today and beyond.

What are your suggestions to improve the travel experience? Our panel of seasoned, experienced figures from across the travel industry will judge the ideas submitted and the winner will receive €20,000 to begin turning his or her idea into reality.

The competition is open until May 18th, and there are also prizes of €2,000 for each of the top 5 most popular ideas as voted by the public.

To submit your idea visit the competition’s homepage and sign-up to take part!

To help you get inspired, we’ve developed the below video – enjoy and get creative!