Latin American travel agencies find growth in the Live Travel Space

Marlen Garcia

Regional Marketing Communications Director, Americas, Travel Channels, Amadeus

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With our evolution from being a Global Distribution System to becoming a Live Travel Space we want to help our customers differentiate themselves. By achieving this differentiation, they can grow their business and create more value for every traveler.

But what exactly are these growth opportunities? How can the Live Travel Space benefit them?

We spoke with some of our customers in Latin America to find out how they are benefiting from the Live Travel Space.

For Jean Paul Beer, Director of 5M Travel Group in Uruguay, one of the benefits is how Amadeus is placing great importance on incorporating all types of travel content in the Amadeus Travel Platform – including air, accommodation, rail, mobility, insurance and destination. Having content beyond air is a fundamental growth area for 5M Travel Group which provides services to retail and corporate clients.

Similarly, extensive content and continually looking at new ways to innovate are key for growth according to Juan Valiente General Manager of Colombia-based Swiss Andina, an agency specialized in business travel.

Horacio Gabriel Angeli, President of Ola Turismo in Argentina, one of our tour operator customers, mentioned that the Live Travel Space filled with constant innovation and technology developments is what they are used to with Amadeus. The Live Travel Space is the new present.

And finally, Tara Bradshaw, the Chief Business Development Officer of Trafalgar Travel, a full-service travel management company in the Caribbean talked to us about how she is looking forward to seeing how the Live Travel Space further comes to life.

Do you also want to find out how you can grow your business in the Live Travel Space?

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