Latin American markets primed for growth – travel players positioning for the exciting ride

Joost Schuring

Vice President of EMEA, Amadeus IT Group

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Latin America is a market as diverse and colorful as the Brazilian Carnival and similarly growing every year. When I first arrived in Sao Paulo as the new vice president of Amadeus Latin America, it was easy to see how this region represents some of the opportunities and challenges that come with shaping the future of travel.

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There are numerous expanding markets, both travel and technology consumption are increasing, and so too are consumer demands for a better travel experience. Growth will not only allow people to travel, it will also give travel providers the opportunity to invest and offer more personalized, connected, and sustainable services.

Great expectations for the Latin American market

I have great expectations for the Latin American market, as regional growth is being accompanied by an increased investment in technology, which progressively favors the travel experience. Adding to this investment are the upcoming events in Brazil - the World Cup this year and the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 – which ensures that the travel industry has the fuel for growth. It’s up to the region’s travel players to rise up to this challenge and provide travelers with a better experience.

Personalization will have a huge impact on the travel experience. Ancillary servicesand advanced search systems already give us some of the key examples of this. Moreover, a connected travel experience will quench travelers’ thirst for a seamless end-to-end travel experience, from the moment they book a trip to when they write a post-trip review or issue their expense report. Finally, sustainable travel will increasingly come to the forefront of traveler’s minds as energy costs rise, the call to be better corporate citizens grows louder and environmental awareness increases. Travel players in Latin America need to be prepared for these realities.

Opportunities and challenges

With all these opportunities, however, we must also consider the challenges our industry currently faces on a global scale, which are no different here in Latin America. Travel industry players are feeling the pressure to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and manage fierce competition all while addressing data protection and security concerns.

In a market with opportunities and challenges like this, everything depends on making the right choices and striking a balance. We believe technology can be a crucial differentiator in the travel chain, especially when considering a traveler’s pain points.

At Amadeus we are working ceaselessly to create innovative technology that brings personalized, connected, and sustainable travel to life through the use of big data and open source systems as well as initiatives such as our partnership with UNICEF –shaping a future of travelin Latin America that will empower travel players and travelers alike.


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