LATAM takes airline network planning and scheduling to the max with Amadeus and Optym

Renzo Vaccari

Senior Vice President, Airlines Solutions, Optym

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Airline scheduling combines two of my favorite things: airlines and solving hard puzzles. Think about it, solving where to fly, when to fly, and what to fly is like solving a puzzle with an almost infinite number of pieces.

An airline’s flight schedule also defines its core offer and drives its profitability. While I have been working in this area for decades, I’m thrilled about the  progress we have recently made in terms of developing new technology, science, and data to give carriers an edge in this space.

In that context, I’m delighted that LATAM Airlines Group,a leader in Latin America, will take advantage of our industry-first solutions in the region through our new partnership. The carrier will adopt the Amadeus Sky Suite to optimize flight schedules with the most innovative set of network planning and scheduling optimizers available today, SkyMAX and SkySYM.This is a big leap forward for LATAM because it will use the latest technology to gain new competitive advantages and unlock more business value.

LATAM will be able to optimize its network and build new schedules from scratch with SkyMAX, which provides the only proven “clean-sheet” scheduling capability in the industry. This means that rather than just accepting incremental changes from one schedule to the next, the carrier will be able to make much larger changes that could lead to much more profitability. SkySYM serves as a “digital twin” of an airline’s operations to provide a testing lab to simulate schedule reliability. It allows airlines to evaluate and maximize operational performance at the planning stage, prior to releasing schedules to the operating groups, so that schedules are built to be more reliable from the beginning. The result are schedules that are both more profitable and reliable.

Our studies show that SkyMAX can improve airline profits by as much as 10%, and SkySYM can increase on-time performance (OTP) by as much as 5 percentage points, unlocking potentially tens to hundreds of millions of dollars of incremental benefits annually.

We’re thrilled to work with one of the most innovative airlines in the world and confident that the Amadeus Sky Suite will enable LATAM to maximize its network’s full profitability and efficiency.

Please have a look at the full press release for more details. Also, be sure to download a copy of our recent report, Breakthroughs in Airline Scheduling: Building Better Schedules,where we explored how new technologies are enabling airlines to produce schedules that are more profitable, more reliable, and quicker and easier to develop, ultimately unlocking more business value. Everything is impossible until somebody does it.


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