How Kuwait Airways is working with Amadeus to transform its business

Rasha Al Roumi

Chairperson & CEO, Kuwait Airways

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In October of this year Kuwait Airways unveiled our new livery, sending an unreservedly clear statement-of-intent to both our passengers – and the aviation sector as a whole – that the national airline of the State of Kuwait is making changes across its operations, commercial activities and services.

flying airplane

While the outward changes to our aircraft, with the introduction of the new look, are obvious, we are also committed demonstrating that a much deeper and thorough transformation process is also underway. This five-year transformation plan was undertaken so as to reassert our pioneering legacy in the region’s aviation industry and restore a sense of pride in the national carrier of Kuwait.

Five Year Plan

With the announcement of our new partnership with Amadeus, we are taking another significant step on this journey of change. With the help of the technology and business processes offered by Amadeus, we will completely transform our approach to business with an aim to double our growth over the next five years.

We are confident that the adoption of the complete suite of Amadeus Altéa solutions will be one of the foundation blocks for Kuwait Airways’ growth and success, in both the near and long-term future.

We look forward to working alongside Amadeus throughout the Altéa implementation, in the expectation that we will receive the support, best practices and new business procedures that will ensure Kuwait Airways delivers on its aim to offer a cost-effective and timely upgrade from our existing system.

Visit the Amadeus Newsroom for more details about this partnership.


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