Who knew that senior travellers in India like to CouchSurf!

Karun Budhraja

Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Communications, Amadeus Asia Pacific

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India’s massive population is embracing travel and fuelling growth across the board. This diverse group has travel preferences that are just as varied. Take Vibhuti Kashyap for example. He’s a senior traveller and avid believer in doing as the locals do.


India’s thirst for luxury travel is 12.8% higher than other BRIC nations. But Vibhuti is different. He uses apps like Couchsurfing so he can stay with locals and gain insights about the destination.

He represents India’s massive middle class that is eager to explore beyond their borders. Travellers like Vibhuti will fuel medium and long haul air travel and over the next 10 years, this represents fantastic opportunities for travel players.

The key is understanding what they want in order to deliver a personalised travel experience. Have a look at what Vibhuti has to say at the Amadeus Travel Lounge.


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